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Mark Rhinard

Professor Mark Rhinard awarded a major 4-year research grant

Professor Mark Rhinard has been awarded a major 4-year research grant to study ‘creeping crises’ in international affairs as a security problem. Research will focus on the transboundary interdependencies that shape crisis development, and will explore the capacities, legitimacy, and effectiveness of national, regional and international responses.

Lisa Dellmuth

Lisa Dellmuth has received funding from Formas

Lisa Dellmuth has received 9.7 million SEK for her project on "Glocalizing Climate Governance: The Role of Integrated Governance for a Just and Legitimate Adaptation to Climate Security Risks" from Formas in the "National Research Programme on Climate Future Pathways".

Elin Jakobsson

First PhD in Sweden in the subject of International Relations

Elin Jakobsson is the first PhD in the subject area of International Relations in the Department of Economic History and International Relations

International Admissions Round - 6 April

International applicants who have been accepted to the Global Political Economy Program should receive their result on Friday 6 April. Accepted students are asked to email the department at confirming their intention to begin the program next fall. Further instructions will be sent in email during week 14.
Any students who have not confirmed by 20 April will be assumed to be not coming and their place will go to a reserve student. Students who have chosen another course of study or changed their minds are also asked to contact us so that their place may go to a reserve student. Reserve students will begin to be contacted following 20 April.
If at any time an accepted student’s plans change and you will not be attending, please do us the courtesy of notifying us so that your place may go to a reserve student. 
Questions regarding the International Admission Round will begin to be handled on 9 April.
Deadline for confirmation of International Program Admission is 20 april.

Late application starts July 14th

Late application will start being accepted on July 14th.

Applications are processed through

Mondo, My Studies, Webmail

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Stockholm University Graduate School