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Important dates!

Applications for International Students: 16 October -15 January. See

Applications for Swedish/EU Students:  15 March-16 April. See


Spring Registration Dates: 4-8 January 2018. Students must be available during these date to register themselves online.

If you experience any problems, contact the department during that time.

If we have not heard from you by 9 January, your place may go to a Reserve Student.  

Late application starts July 14th

Late application will start being accepted on July 14th.

Applications are processed through

Important Information Regarding Web Registration HT2017

13 July-publication of results from Admission Round 1 (Urval 1)

Admitted students must answer “yes” by 28 July in order to keep their place on the list.

Students who do not answer “yes” by 28 July will drop off the list and cannot be re-added at a later date.


3 August-publication of results of Admission Round 2 (Urval 2)

Admitted students will receive instructions via email.  It is imperative that students check their email over the summer.


10-13 August-Web Registration

It is imperative that you are available online to register yourself during these dates.

If there is a problem, contact the institution in order to keep your place in the course.

Problems will begin to be handled on 14 August. Reserves will begin to be contacted at that time.

Sustainable Development in a Changing Geo-political Era: Challenges and Opportunities for Sweden

A new research program focusing on geopolitics and sustainable development (MISTRA GEOPOLITICS) receives funding from Mistra.

Schedules for spring 2017

The schedules for the spring semester 2017 are now finalized and can be found here.

Dr Lisa Dellmuth elected as convenor of the Standing Group on International Relations (SGIR).

Dr Lisa Dellmuth was elected as convenor of the Standing Group on International Relations (SGIR) in the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). The Standing Group organizes conference sections, summer schools, prizes, among others. Check out their homepage at or join the SGIR at to receive their emails about events and other news! Registration is free.

IMPORTANT information for reserve students

Reserve students must answer "Yes" to keep their reserve spots. Due to a change in procedure, a reserve student who do not answer "Yes" at Admission Round 1 (Urval 1), will be struck from the reserve list and it will not be possible for this student to be added to the course at a later date even though a spot might become available.

Reserve students will then be contacted by e-mail if offered a spot.

Discontinuation of studies

If you are going to discontinue studies it is important that you notify the department. If you only want to take a temporary study break and know when you will resume studies, you should apply for a ‘study break’. When you want to resume your studies after the study break you would need to apply for ‘resumption’ of studies. For more information, see this link.

Master's programmes

Application (Swedish/EU citizens) to the master’s programmes Fall 2016 opens 15th of March and deadline is 15th of April 2016. The Department of Economic History offers a Master's program in Global Political Economy, 120 HECs, and programs in collaboration with other institutions , "Globalization, Environment and Social Change", and "Master's program in demography". The master’s programs are taught in English.

Master-level course registration

Due to a technical problem between University Admissions (Antagning) and Ladok, web registration is not working.

Students who wish to be registered for courses at the master level are asked to contact Jennifer at clearly stating the course(s) for which you wish to be registered and including your Swedish personal number.

This will hold your spot in the course.

If you are  accepted with conditions (villkor), all conditions must be satisfied before you can be registered for the course.

"Ekonomisk-historiska institutionens alumnnätverk"

Through membership in 'SU alumni' - alumni can join the Department of Economic History alumni-network ("Ekonomisk-historiska institutionens alumnnätverk") to easier keep in contact with former classmates, get information about upcoming alumni-events and the university.

The Department of Economic History

The Stockholm University Department of Economic History is dedicated to research and education in international relationer and economic history.

Master´s courses and Master Programme Global Political Economy (120 cred.)

Apply to the Buddy Programme

Getting a buddy is probably the smartest thing you can do this semester. You make new friends, you get someone to help you with questions and concerns, and someone to contact if you want to know more about Stockholm. It is also a great way to learn basic language skills. If you apply to the Student Union buddy program you will be matched up in a buddy groups with 5-6 students. Each group will contain 2 buddies and 3-4 international students.

For more information:

Mondo, My Studies, Webmail

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