The education introduces students to international relations from an historical perspective emphasizing political and economic transformations in the international system. The subject of international relations at Stockholm University has an International Political Economy (IPE) orientation covering issues of political and economic consequences of globalization, international conflict and security, cooperation and integration at the regional and global level. The central actors that will be examined are states, international organizations, non-state actors and transnational companies. The goal is to provide fundamental knowledge of above issues in international relations from different theoretical perspectives.

The growing tendency toward theoretical pluralism that characterizes teaching and research in the field of international relations across the world is clearly reflected in the courses.

Education in international relations is especially interesting for those opting for a career in international issues as journalists, diplomats, investigators in different global organizations like the UN, WTO, ODAs, multinational companies and NGOs involved in development issues.


International Relations I, 30 hp

Module 1: Introduction to International Relations (7,5 hp)

Module 2: Conflict and Security in the International System (7,5 hp)

Module 3: International cooperation, integration, independence (7,5 hp)

Module 4: Global Studies (7,5 hp). Students can choose from one of the several electives offered.

The course is an introduction to the study of international relations from a historical perspective focusing on the economic and political transformations in the international system with an International Political Economy (IPE) orientation. The course covers issues such as political and economic consequences of globalization, international conflict and security, cooperation and integration. These issues will be examined at both the regional and global levels from different theoretical perspectives. Students will be given the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in various global issues. The goal of the course is to provide basic knowledge in the above aspects of international relations.

 Eligibility: English B and Civics A


International Relations II, 30 hp

Module 1: International Political Economy – An Historical Perspective (7,5 hp)

Module 2: International Cooperation and the Global Challenges (7,5 ph)

Module 3: Methods in the Study of International Relations (7,5 hp)

Module 4: Independent Work

The course provides deeper knowledge in the making of international political economy from an historical perspective. Special focus is on increasing political and economic cooperation since 1945 and exposing the different types of global challenges and solutions, including the role of non-state actors in the international system. The course also introduces students to principles of scientific theory and theory and methods in the study of international relations. At the end of the course, students will be writing an independent essay on a topic of their choice and a viva voce.

Eligibility to IRII: IRI (30 hp)


International Relations III, 30 hp

Module 1: Theory and Methods in the Study or International Relations (7,5 hp)

Module 2: Literature Study (7,5 hp)

Module 3: Dissertation and Seminars (15 hp)

The course begins with a deepening in theories and methods in the study of international relations and IPE. The students will be required to choose a research area for deeper investigation within the institution’s research profile on which she/he will write a bachelor’s dissertation.

The emphasis is in developing skills in formulating scientific problem within the area of international relations. The student is expected to design independent research problem, undertake the investigation and write a scientific report. The dissertation will be presented and reviewed by another peer. Likewise the student will also be required to critically review another peer’s dissertation. 

Eligibility to IRIII: IRI & IRII (60 hp) plus an additional 30hp from other related subjects / disciplines