The Department of Economic History offers internship courses at advanced level that can be included in your master’s degree.

In order to get registered on the course, you need to find your own internship placement. The internship should cover at least 8-10 weeks (for the 15 cred. course) or 18-20 weeks (30 cred. course). The tasks and assignments during the internship should be advanced in character and of relevance for your studies and career plans.

The admissions requirement is 15 cred. at advanced level in Economic History or International Relations.

For program students we recommend that you carry out your internship during the second term of the first year in order not to miss core parts of the curriculum.

For more details, see the current course plans

15 cred.

30 cred.


Internship step-by-step

  1. Apply on time for the internship course
  2. Identify, contact, and make arrangements with a host organization
  3. Wait for the admissions decision from
  4. Once you are admitted to the course, you will receive a welcome email from the Department of Economic History. This email contains information about the documentation needed from the host organization. It also includes information about the requirements for passing the course.
  5. In order to be registered on the course, submit a document with the information requested in the Welcome Letter. This document should be signed by the host organization and sent to the internship coordinator
  6. Students registered on an internship course are insured through the university. If you do your internship outside the EU or EES contact and she will arrange a special insurance through Kammarkollegiet.



For more information about admissions, contact Jennifer Lundgren


For additional information about the course, contact the course coordinator