The education offered at the advanced level consists of a number of optional master’s courses of 7,5 or 15 higher education credits (HECs), from which the student may choose freely.

Entry requirements
Students shall have fulfilled the requirements for a BA or corresponding degree, with 90 higher education credits in Economic History, International Relations or other related disciplines such as History, Human Geography, Economics, Social Anthropology, Sociology, and Political Science comprising an essay or an independent work of at least 15 higher education credits or admission to the master program in “Globalization, Environment and Social Change”. English B or equivalent.

Master’s degrees
To obtain a Master’s degree (Two Years) with a specialization in Economic History or International relations the student needs to complete 120 HECs of course work - compulsory courses include from Spring 2016:

  • Theory course (7,5 cred)*
  • Qualitative methods course (7,5 cred)*
  • Quantitative methods course (7,5 cred)*
  • Independent reading course (7,5 cred)
  • Dissertation writing (30 cred)
  • Optional master’s courses at our department (minimum 30 cred)
  • Optional courses up to a total of 30 cred at other departments may be included.


*= or equivalent, e.g., “Theory and Method in Globalization, Environment and Social Change”


Information on application
For more information on application.

For More Information
Director of studies Advanced level: Gonzalo Pozo Martin
Phone: 08 – 16 10 77
Room: A920, A-building, 9th floor
Phone and visiting hours: By appointment

Last updated: February, 2017
Source: Department of Economic History