You will find your schedule by going to and search with the course name or with the course codes shown below. 

Important! Schedules are subject to change. Check back frequently closer to when the term begins!



Economic History

Economic History I - EH1411 

Economic History II - EH2101

Economic History III - EH3102

International Business Program - EH2019


International Relations

International Relations I  - EH1901

International Relations II - EH1904

International Relations III - EH1903


Master Courses

First Half:

Energy and Security: EH1703

Migration and Economic Structures: EH6076

Economic Crises and Business in Global History: EH6081

International Relations of East Asia (7,5 ECTS) Statsvet programme students only: EH6108

Master Essay Course: EH1706/EH1707/EH1708/EH6091


Second Half:

Democracy, Policy and Social Change: EH1704

A New Global Food Order: EH6085

International Relations of East Asia (15 ECTS) GPE and independent students: EH6109