Information about teaching for the fall semester 2020 at the Department of Economic History and International Relations

All teaching in Economic History and International Relations, including exams, will be web-based only from August 2020 until November 2020 (the two first modules).

From November until January (modules three and four) teaching and exams will be held as follows:

  • All instruction and examination in Economic History at the undergraduate level will remain online. 
  • International Relations (IR) I seminars will be held on campus but attendance will be non-compulsory (i.e. IR I:3 and I:4). Lectures and examination will remain online. 
  • All IR II instruction and examination will remain online.
  • IR III instruction will partly return to campus.
  • All instruction and examination in the IBP remain online.
  • All instruction and examination at the MA level will remain online with the exception of a few computer lab sessions/seminars in the courses on quantitative methods.

 The Department’s Steering Group will continue to monitor the situation closely and, if needed, this policy may change.

Policy on livestreamed classes. 

We recommend that the instructors do not record livestreamed classes and make them available after class. This is in order to encourage active student participation as well as to ascertain that no student is being recorded without his or her explicit consent, which may raise privacy issues. In addition, we recommend that students do not record livestreamed classes also due to potential privacy issues.

Student Affairs

Until further notice the Student Affairs Office will not accept visitors. First and foremost, communication should take place through email and/or phone calls. The handing out of exams will from 18th of March be handled digitally.  For inquiries, please contact Furthermore, as from March 17 the department’s employees will work from home. This means that it may take time before they have access to any material that you as a student want to access /request. We urge you to think about whether or not it is necessary for you to extract your exam at this point in time.

Exchange or internship

If you are an exchange or internship student, it is important that you keep up to date on the situation in the country you are in. You must also follow the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ recommendations carefully if you are forced to go home. If you are asked by national authorities to go home from the country you are in, you should do so.
If you are an intern in Sweden or abroad, please follow the instructions posted on Athena, or contact for more information. 

If you need to finish your internship, whether in Sweden or abroad, contact 

Those who are on internship abroad or are on exchange are insured through “Kammarkollegiets Student-UT” insurance. On their website you will find more information about the insurance. 


The university’s general information on the coronavirus can be found here: 
Additional information:
How you can study from home
Campus opening hours from 18 March